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We resolve insurance claims disputes using every resource available to ensure that, whatever your challenge, we provide the solution that best matches your needs and objectives. Every claim is unique, disputes are common, and our dispute resolution services are tailored to your situation.

Our Services

Dispute Resolution

The Insurance Policy Appraisal Provision provides a process for resolving disputes over the loss, damage, and valuation of a claim.

Public Adjusting

Public adjusters are licensed to represent policyholders in the presentation, negotiation, and settlement of their insurance claims. Some claims require direct involvement of a qualified professional.

Claims Valuation

Contents inventories and structural repair estimates are essential to documenting a claim, so engage the appropriate technical professional to thoroughly and accurately determine loss, damage, and valuation.

Litigation Support

Regardless of your litigation needs – expert witness; claims management; determination of loss, damage, and valuation; or appraisal services, Claims Dispute Resolution can help move your case forward.

Homeowner Claims

When a catastrophe hits you where you live, you don’t have time to put your life on hold. Don’t let your claim run your life.

Commercial claims

You can’t afford to be out of business so long that your loss becomes your competitors’ gain. The sooner you call us, the quicker you’ll recover.

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We Deliver Resolution When A Catastrophe Hits And Recovery Is Critical



When catastrophe hits, your first responsibility is the safety, security, and well being of you, your family, and/or your business.  Prevent further damage, preserve evidence, and start preparing your claim.



You cannot settle your insurance claim without knowing what it’s worth. Identify all of your loss and damage, clarify the full extent of necessary repairs, restoration, and/or replacement, and account for all costs.



In spite of your best efforts your insurance claim may be unreasonably delayed, disputed, or denied. Do not hesitate to confront delays, contest disputes, and/or challenge denial of your benefits under the policy.



Protect your property, prepare your claim, and proactively manage the insurance claims process from start to finish. Simple, but not always easy. Preserve your time and energy, contact us directly.


About Claims Dispute Resolution

We serve policyholders, attorneys, adjusters, agents, and service providers in helping to resolve insurance claims that are stuck, stalled, or disputed. The key to a successful settlement is to match the appropriate solution to each client’s specific needs assessment.


Want To Optimize Your Claim?

Contact us directly to determine the settlement solution that best serves your specific insurance claims situation. Your recovery is our priority.